Melody Music Production

Ny hemsida lanseras under 2020.

Melody Music Production in Landskrona, southern Sweden, was founded 1989.

Melody Music is an independent music studio, signed music publisher and record label.

The studio is a meeting place for songwriters, producers and a base for recording artists.

The recordings started 1982 with the legendary four track porta-studio Tascam 244, recording all types of music and bands...

"Here I come to save the day..."

Initially, Melody was based around composing and recording music on an 8-track studio in a flat in central Landskrona.

The equipment was very simple with Tascam 38 and a Studiomaster Mixdown 16-8-16 desk. A lot of songs were written during that time and several were made popular by well-known Swedish Artists and hit the charts in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Melody are working in Sweden with mostly Swedes but our listeners and co-partners are from all over the world. Therefore this site is in english :-)

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